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"An essential proofreader"

Liz has been an essential proofreader and translator at for over 10 years. Our demanding customers depend on her expertise and she has earned their trust on every job.

Phil Jamieson

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"A hidden super hero!"

Sometimes it's difficult to notice our errors after several hours (even days or weeks) working on the same project. Liz provided me with the cleanest copy I could ever wish!

Damian Dodino

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Document Translation Services

As your translator/editor, I will contact you throughout the translation process. As soon as you place an order, we become a team.

A perfect translation is not only about the vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure or about how accurate the translator conveys ideas. It is the art of transforming a language into another without changing the essence of the original message. An excellent translation is only possible when you understand the content you are translating.

At OM Translations, the document translation service is customized to meet the needs of every industry sector. The diversity of topics covered ensures that the translations will accurately and comprehensively address your target audience. From corporate newsletters to cooking recipes to self-help blogs, all fields are covered so that your material reaches your target audience and conveys the original message to your intended readers effectively.

OM Translations provides professional translation of:


At OM Translations, rates are cost-effective and tailored to your needs. The finished translation project will be delivered on or before the agreed deadline. We will have close contact throughout the translation process to provide you with the best personalized attention.

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