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"Liz did a beautiful translation for us"

A few years ago I wrote a children's book that I wanted to have translated into Spanish. Liz Johnson did a beautiful translation for us, taking much care to ensure that the meaning would be intact, and not just the words. Thank you so much Liz, for your time and care and energy in making our book available to the Spanish speaking people of the world. We appreciate it very much.

Brenda Jenkyns Author

Brenda Jenkyns


"Attention, service and results"

In the years we worked together, Liz never underestimated the complexities of Audiovisual Translation. She knows the nuances and technicalities of this specialty and offered the attention, service, and results that our company and our clients needed.

Lucia Alvear from Civisa Media

Lucía Alvear

Former Account Coordinator, VSI Civisa


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Our Editing Services

Human intelligence is needed to provide cultural, grammatical, syntactic, and semantic knowledge to understand the real message and ensure that it makes sense to native readers.

While Proofreading spots minor errors, such as grammar, misspellings, incorrect or missed punctuation, editing is a more in-depth task. Editing includes proofreading and improves language, sentence structure, and word usage, and ensures that ideas are clearly expressed.

An editing service is necessary when the text needs thorough revisions for clarity, readability, and flow. The editor can freely delete sentences or entire paragraphs and rewrite them if necessary. Makes sure your text is ambiguity-free, and above all, that it makes sense.

Our Top-Quality Editing Service Consists Of:


At OM Translations, rates are cost-effective and tailored to your needs. The finished edited project will be delivered on or before the agreed deadline. We will have close contact throughout the editing process to provide you with the best personalized attention.

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